Our Constitution

The Club is associated with the Fellowship of United Kingdom Clubs (FUKC) and the European Confederation of Motor Clubs (ECMC). Both the club and its members agree to all rules relating to these organisations.

 Aims of the club

  • To provide a forum and meeting place for those with an interest in leather fetish wear, but who also may have an interest in rubber, uniform, skinhead gear and any fetish-wear which is associated or likened to any of these.
  • To arrange and participate in events linked to these interests both in the United Kingdom and abroad, particularly those associated with the FUKC or the ECMC.


Membership shall be open to those that identify as male and over the age of 18 with the interests described above. It is a condition of membership that members understand and accept that certain events will, by their implicit nature, be gender-specific. Applications are made online and vetted by the administrative members of Manchester Leathermen. After it is accepted, membership commences at the moment of payment, and remains valid until the next AGM.

You can become a member here

Club meetings

The frequency of meetings shall be as agreed by the core team and any changes will be minuted and notification will be made to all members via electronic mail in order to keep the club’s running costs as low as possible.


An Annual General Meeting shall be held as early in the calendar year as is practicable, but no later than the last Sunday in March each year. The Annual General Meeting shall be the forum for the setting of the membership fee and general plans for the activities and events of the coming year.  It will also be the time when the serving core team will be dissolved and a new core team be elected by the membership.

A core team will consist of an elected President, Secretary, Memberships Officer and Treasurer (The officers of the club) and at least 2 core committee members. There is no upper limit on the number of core team members holding posts but practicality would suggest a maximum of 9 committee members and 3 officers.

Regular meetings of the elected core team shall be the forum for detailed planning of Club activities and these should occur monthly at a frequency of not less than 3 months.

The day to day affairs of the Club shall be administered by a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.No office holder may occupy more than one office simultaneously.

Officers shall be empowered to take the necessary decisions to keep the Club running, with the proviso that any decision affecting the Club, its finances and its future be referred to a Special General meeting of the membership.

  • Officers may delegate tasks to other members.
  • All officers may hold contact details for all Club members in respect of privacy and law.

The secretary (or another officer in their absence) shall give the membership no less than one month’s notice of a Special General Meeting (SGM).  At such a meeting, all members present shall be entitled to speak and vote on the subjects under discussion.  Members who are not able to attend in person are entitled to submit their views and arguments in writing to the secretary.  These views and arguments shall be made known to all members present at the SGM who may discuss them further as they see fit.

Any decision made shall be by a two-thirds majority of those present. If in the view of the Officers of the Club, the subject is a matter essential to the Club’s survival, a simple majority vote of those present at that meeting is binding.

Responsibility of members

Members of the Club shall treat each other with courtesy and all dealings within the Club shall be undertaken in a spirit of comradeship.  Should a member’s conduct be considered to be seriously irresponsible or to bring the Club into disrepute, a two-thirds majority vote of the committee is required for expulsion of that member.

It is the duty of all members to promote the Club, further its aims and growth, to enjoy themselves and the company of others! The club will not tolerate any behaviour that is racist and will take reasonable steps to meet the needs of all of our members and to encourage anyone to join our group regardless of their race, religion, sexuality, age, gender transition or disability. Any member alleged to have exhibited any form of discriminatory behaviour will be considered for expulsion from the club.