Sister BangBang Ladesh

Sister BangBang – official Sister of the Manchester Leather Men!


The first ever! 

There I was, busy polishing my leather veil when the convent phone began to ring. One of the postulants came running over to let me know that someone by the name of Sexton Wattle was asking for me. Here we go, I thought, another cold-caller asking if I’ve had an accident. Well, I nearly fell off my four-inch thigh length leather bondage boots when I heard the familiar coughing and hacking coming down the phone. It was MLM’s Senior Secretary Suxten Wiffle! I’d heard all about him from Joe King, although after speaking to Suckon at length I find it hard to believe half the licentious gossip that has spilled from Mr King’s fur-lined mouth.

I asked Setthon how I could help him, and he simply said “Just say Yes!”. To which I was a little dubious, as you can imagine. What was the question, I asked? Not another performance in a leather corset and whip? “Good grief, no” said Silkyhen. “Did you not get my email? We want you to be the official Sister of MLM, because of all the fabulous and wonderful work you do as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence!”.

Well, I was so excited at this prospect that my nipples went like chapel hat pegs. “Of COURSE, Sixteen” I screamed!

I love our leathermen – I always have.

Going back some years, I remember being part of MSC when Philip Heaton was the big honcho, and we all met up in the basement of Napoleons. Back then, of course, I had to bunch my veil up inside my Muir cap and zip my leather chaps around my thigh length boots whilst hiding in a corner. I don’t think anyone noticed me.

Roll on to today, and I hope I can do you justice as the first ever official Sister of a leather community group – Manchester gets yet another first! We’ll raise money together, educate those silly sods who need help with sex, sexuality, gender, race and put Manchester Leather Men on the map as the best group of men a mother (superior) could ever give birth to.

I’ll be coming forth at some of the MLM get-togethers to find out more about each and every one of y ou and hope to work on some great events with Joe in the months ahead. Onwards!

13612199_10154326263578909_8236969617699930754_nArm in arm – idle gossip and plenty of chinwagging

Hey boys!

Some of you have been in touch to ask somewhat personal questions, relating to ‘that photo’ of me and Joe King together, my arm over his. And here it is, again!

Now, I’ll know you’ll understand that it’s so difficult when you’re surrounded by the paparazzi, papping their pappy flashes and intruding into your private life. I can’t say too much as we’ve already signed an exclusive contract with Hiya! Magazine, but what I can say is that he is a King and I am, to be blunt, a Queen.

The High Life

We live in a small but nicely formed Palace in the suburbs of Alderley Edge. Do you have servants to polish the mountains of leather you both wear, I hear you ask. Well, yes, as a matter of fact we do. We both feel it’s important to support the local community and help educate though work experience project. Sadly we have found it difficult, if nigh on impossible, to get suitable scallies from our area. So, we import them from Salford and Wythenshawe. No, I’m not being judgemental but you really do get a better class of ‘car mechanic’ and ‘shopper’ from those areas, believe me.

So, we hope that helps clear up some of the gossip going around. I’ll be joining Joe is some of our brilliant events that are forthcoming – he’s asked me to be something called a ‘door whore’ at his disco party this autumn. And we’ll be out and about fund raising at every opportunity. Come and join us!

Come and join us!

13626474_265162870528408_4105677798457194396_nIt won’t be the last, but here’s the first Q and A with your Sister!

Saxon and Joe get personal with Sister BangBang, the official Sister of MLM. Wine flowed and inhibitions went out the window during the session. So some bits might not be suitable for work/bar mitzvahs/family gatherings or Tupperware parties.

Joe, who knows Sister BangBang quite intimately, kicks off this exclusive Q & A by asking the first question:

Joe: “How does it feel to be appointed as the community’s first ever dedicated Sister?”

SBB:”Brilliant! To be asked to take on this role is, honestly, an honour. Our community groups really should be working more together, to take advantage of each other’s talents and skills and this is a shining example of barriers being transcended. This means we can all make much more of a difference too – raising money for charities like the George House Trust (of which I am a Trustee!), and being able to educate people into respecting others. It also means I get to rub up against horny leather guys without being arrested or being slapped with a restraining order.”

Saxon: “What are your hopes for the future of the leather community in Manchester?”

SBB: “To grow, to spread, to work together – to show the world that here in Manchester we are innovators and are inspirational.  The leather community here in Manchester has been around a long time – some guys might remember MSC (Manchester SuperChain) that used to meet in the downstairs of Naps. They formed to bring leather guys together not just for their own benefit but for the benefit of others too, and we must never forget that. Some parts of the LGBT community still see the leather scene as full of creaking, ancient leather queens who nod off in bar corners. We need to continue to show we’re vibrant, exciting and truly fabulous who love each other!”

Joe: “Another glass of Chardonnay, dear?”

SBB: “Yes, please. Just leave the bottle….”

Joe: “What aspects of our culture do you find most beguiling?”

SBB: “What a big word for you, Joe! And one that is making me think. (SBB fingers her Google at this point). Charming or enchanting, often in a deceptive way – gosh, that could be incriminating! OK, I love the fact that you guys are dressed in the butchest way possible, dripping in cow hide from top to toe and looking like you could bump start a 747 with your attitude. Only I know you’ve probably got a fabulous library of knitting patterns and quiche recipes to hand on your iPhone. It’s also truly charming that you take newcomers under your wing and look after the leather virgins – after all, it’s important not to put guys off joining.”

Saxon: “What has been the funniest moment for you in the fetish/leather community?”

SBB:  “Blimey, there are 100’s of moments! So many come to mind – I wish half of them were on video for posterity. Some that come to mind include Joe getting down and….oh, better not mention that here! There’s the time someone was wearing a leather kilt and his metal cock ring fell off in the middle of Canal Street. It fell and spun round and round and round for what seemed like ages, just as a small group of elderly women were walking by. I don’t think they quite knew what it was! And then the occasion in a club where a young leather guy was having his head shaved in a ‘scene’ and the electric clippers bust a fuse half way through. Surprisingly no one had a razor or clippers to help finish the act so the poor lad had to survive the night with half a head.”

Joe: “If you could change one thing about the leather scene, what would it be?”

SBB: “Just one?! I don’t think it would be a ‘change’ per se, but I would try and persuade leather guys to work together more and see the bigger picture. Organisations like MLM are there for the benefit of every single member and like any organisation you are part of, you sometimes have to abide by  decisions that you might not personally agree with or like but will benefit the majority.  For example, some guys might not like the fact that a fabulous Sister of Perpetual Indulgence is the official Sister of the MLM. But if they can see the bigger picture and understand that it will benefit the organisation as a whole then they’ll be a bigger fella because of that.”

Saxon: “Is there a leatherman (real or fictional) you particularly admire or who has left a deep impression on you?”

SBB: “Well, I know Joe King has left quite an impression on me but the doctor has said it will heal within a few months. Otherwise, I’ll sue the arse off him.  Philip Heaton, one of the first chair’s of Manchester Super Chain (which came before MLM) is someone I particularly admire as he really tried hard to push the group forward and outward. His philosophy was very much that you can’t survive as a group by keeping to yourselves and hiding away in seclusion, and working together with others helps immensely in awareness and respect.”

And with that, the chat became distinctly unintelligible due, probably, to the fourth bottle of wine. The caretaker found all three of them, comatose, the following morning...

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