A leather jacket is another must-have for the leatherman, particularly for those dark winter nights. You certainly don’t have to start off with this, but many people already own a leather jacket anyway and these can often be worn anywhere, not just at leather events or on your motorbike. The jacket is therefore one of the fist things that a budding leatherman will buy, and the seasoned leatherman will have several in his collection.

Classic biker jackets

Cafe racer jackets

Modern biker jackets

Bomber/flight jacket

Leather trench coats

Places to shop for leather jackets are numerous; they tend to be the ‘stock’ leather item that many places sell. Here are a selection of some unusual sellers that might be of interest if you want something a bit different.

Leather Monkeys
Leather Monkeys: a selection of rare vintage jackets and new interpretations of original classics.