An important asset to any wardrobe, especially in the leather or wider fetish community is a sturdy, robust pair of boots – for all kinds of purposes. In this article, we explore the variety of types that are available and the distinct features of each style.

Cowboy Boots

Popular Named Brands: Sendra, Grinders, New Rocks, Sancho, Dan Post, Laredos

Known colloquially as shit-kickers, cowboy boots often feature a pointed toe or otherwise rounded. These boots can be made from a variety of hides, most popularly from animal hides such as crocodile. These boots are widely available on the internet through eBay and other various retailers, such as Rokit. They can also be found in vintage shops such as POP, Blue Rinse Vintage and second-hand shops. As with any gear, it really pays to shop around. Definitely more appropriate for more formal occasions but a hot look. I don’t like them in a scene because they slip off too easily if you are doing suspension or rope bondage. 

Harness Boots

Popular Named Brands: Grinders, Old Gringos, Dockers, Sendra, Sancho, Chippewa, Wesco

In a similar fashion to cowboy boots, harness boots are featured as a pull-on pair of boots with stir-ups for precision pulling, but they may be more ‘engineer’ style as well. If they are ‘cowboy’ style. they will have a more square toe or if they are an engineer boot, they will have a leather harness/yoke built in. A common feature of this style is a harness wrapped around the ankle. These boots can perform as both functional and formal, where unmistakably harness boots are an easy choice for wearing to interviews if you feel the urge to be booted. Harness boots, much like cowboy boots are also available in ankle length.

Engineer Boots

Popular Named Brands: Wesco, Chippewa, Carolinas

These boots have a very classic and rugged look with a thick sole and a tall shank, and are relatively easy to get on and off. They often come in either a matte oil finish or a gloss finish; the oil tanned leather will never take on a mirror shine but will hide marks and scuffs better. Wesco makes the best but you might like some other cheaper brands like Chippewa. Get the highest shank height that you can without chaffing your knees – probably 16″ minimum. You want these to look tough, right? Your pant legs go inside these – you can put your socks over your pant leg cuffs and they will go in easier.

Engineer boots are commonly found to have a rounded toe, with a strap crossing from one side of the ankle to the other with a secondary strap at the top of the boots shaft. An example of popular brands are ones such as Wesco and Chippewa, which are known for high quality boots in various styles. Engineer boots can also be sourced through eBay at varying prices depending on the bidder and there are customer manufacturers over the globe if you’re looking to purchase a pair on a modest budget but do note that with any of these, this is an investment and quality should reflect.

Military boots

The classic jungle or jump boot is a great pair of boots to start with. You can pick up a pair at a surplus store for about £50. This boot works well with your pants tucked in or over. The ones with the side zipper are very convenient.

Lineman Boots

Lineman and Logger boots are best known for being functional with the added protection that they will keep your feet warm throughout the winter. As a style, these are more common and are available from various outlets, such as your local outdoors shop to more specialised brands such as Wesco which mixes both form and function to the benefit of the wearer.

Riding Boots

Popular Named Brands: Dehner

Boots are the first thing people are drawn to when driven by a motor officer on a motorbike. However, they are also typically worn by horse riders, so riding boots have a significant overall image that adds an essence of formality and character to the wearer. A well known brand for riding boots is Dehners, whom of which also manufacture cop boots, which are shaped in a similar fashion to riding boots and engineer boots. Dehner all the way! There are many other brands which cost less but the profile of a pair of Dehners is unmistakable. Be prepared to shell out almost £400. If you have trouble squeezing into them before they are broken in, try putting a plastic shopping bag on your foot first.A commonly featured addition to these boots are stir-ups, which are more noticeably used when horse-riding.

Doc Martens

Typically, Doc Martens are a favoured style of boots of skinheads, these lace-ups can extend as far as the thigh and are available at a reasonable budget as opposed to competitors. These boots are available in a variety of sizes, based on holes, such as 10, 20 and upwards. On the plus side, they won’t be coming loose from your feet anytime soon but on the downside, if you’re aching to get them off after a long night, the more holes, the more time you’ll spend unlacing them.


Motorcycle Boots

Another common style of boots, motorcycle boots are more frequently known for use by motorcyclists and commonly featured with biker suits. These feature details such as branding, e.g. Alpine Stars and can be found in motorcycle gear shops. These are a great asset to any fetish wardrobe. Perhaps one of the more essential items that you need to start out with, boots can be a particular fetish in their own right. Getting started with boots isn’t too hard, as you can buy many decent boots in charity chops, second hand dealers, army surplus stores or sometimes on the high street.

When you want to start investing in a decent pair of boots, head to more specialist shops.

Logger Boots

Another very hot look but be prepared to spend a lot of time lacing them up and getting them off!