About Manchester Leathermen


Our history

Manchester Leathermen was created from the merger of two Manchester fetish clubs, Manchester Super Chain MSC (founded in 1982) and Manchester Leather Men (founded in 2012).The two groups merged in 2015 and Manchester Leathermen was born!

Manchester Leathermen remains a proud member of both FUKC and ECMC.

Manchester SMSC MSC logouper Chain had a vibrant history taking part in many local, national & international events over the years. In 1997 the Club hosted a meeting of ECMC, (European Confederation of Motor Cycle Clubs). M
anchester Super Chain is proud to be the only British club so far to have hosted the ECMC Conference. Additionally MSCMSC (as it is often shortened) has had the pleasure of hosting the FUKC Group of United Kingdom C1375823_439876126132887_905091080_nlubs, the last time being recently in 2012.

In 2012 Manchester Leather Men was formed as a separate group, relaunched as Manchester Leathermen in 2014, and then merged with Manchester Super Chain in February 2015. The name change from Manchester Super Chain to Manchester Leathermen was formally approved by the ECMC in October 2015, and Manchester Leathermen has grown quickly in size due to the energy of the new group and its members. Manchester Leathermen is investing in the Leather Future of Manchester.

The following people below form the core group of the Manchester Leathermen organisation, although we remain democratic and respond to the needs of our members and the wider gay and fetish community.