Hall of Presidents

The Presidents of Manchester Leathermen

Daddy T (2017 – present)

Daddy T started on the leather scene at the age of 21, the legal age of consent at the time. London was his playground, at the height of the leather scene with the Colehearne, Block, LA, and Anvil… the Hoist opened not long after.

Now he’s proud to say he’s a Daddy with an amazing Boy (a Junior Master). Daddy T loves passing on what he knows and learning even more. His favourite leather is his Langlitz breeches, jacket and gloves, “they feel like a part of me when they’re on”.

Daddy T was elected President in March 2017. One of his priorities for his time as President is education, and has put in place a partnership with the LGBT Foundation to run workshops before our monthly socials. Keep an eye on Facebook for details. 

Leather Daddy Ian (2014 – 2017)


Leather Daddy Ian was our first president, and was President of the former Manchester Super Chain. For over 50 years, Leather Daddy Ian has worked tirelessly in our community and, now in his 80s, is the oldest member of Manchester Leathermen but is showing no signs of slowing down.

As President of Manchester Leathermen and a long-standing and respected member of our community, Leather Daddy Ian has become the first MLM Life Member.

Leather Daddy Ian was further honoured by the European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC) in 2016 by being elected the Patron of ECMC. Leather Daddy Ian is the 4th Patron and was truly humbled to accept the role.