The Manchester Leathermen team

Dedicated to the Leather Community

The Manchester Leathermen community is a voluntary organisation run by a number of dedicated friendly leathermen. We love new members and everyone is more than willing to show you the ropes. Take a quick glimpse of our core team.





President – Daddy T

Daddy T is responsible for the overall vision and direction of Manchester Leathermen and of Manchester Leather Weekend. He also takes the lead in relationships with other clubs in the UK and abroad. Because he’s special, he has his own section where you can read more about him. 

General Secretary – Ed

Ed’s interest in leather goes back a long time though now it’s become a large part of his life. It’s only recently that he’s started wearing it out and on the leather scene, ever since moving to deep south of Yorkshire, originally hailing from the far north of Scotland. Ed finds the feel of leather very relaxing after stressful day at work. 

Ed is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Club. You can contact him at

Treasurer – Michael

Although Michael had a fetish for leather before he was even old enough to know what a fetish was, it was thanks to the encouragement of his husband that he took the plunge and bought some gear. “I’ve never looked back!” He loves everything about the leather itself and the brotherhood of the men that wear it. His favourite item is his gauntlet gloves, he loves how tightly they fit and how soft they feel.

Email Michael at

Memberships Officer – Peter L

Arriving in Manchester in his late teens Peter quickly discovered the fetish scene finding and creating any opportunity to wear his attire, quickly building his rubber and leather wardrobe. Peter is a very active member of our community and is found at many socials and events, not least the Leather Weekend where in 2016 Peter proposed to his partner and fellow leather man Adam. A very genuine and gregarious personality, supporting and developing our community is at Peter’s heart.

For more on our memberships and benefits, email

Business Manager – Rob

Rob calls himself a late developer in the fetish world, but he’s made up for lost time over the last few years. Since joining MLM he has discovered that he was not alone in this journey. Many guys develop this side of themselves as their confidence grows. “We all have private and professional lives, and this is something that MLM has always fought hard to preserve. Saying that, dancing around in a pair of chaps, boots and a harness provides a welcome release after a long, hard day in the office!”

To discuss the business of Manchester Leathermen Ltd, email Rob at

Volunteer Co-ordinator – Peter C

Peter has been a fully-fledged leather guy since the age of 19 when his first leather Master kitted him out in shirt and jeans. As he’s grown as a leather man through his quality years of being a good sub he has become a good Sir. Peter first encountered MLM in its previous guise of MSC back in the 80’s and has been actively engaged with MLM for more than two years now. Peter is passionate about our club and its future, and is really chuffed to have been appointed to this important role. 

We’re always looking for people to help us run events. If you’d like to become a volunteer, email Peter at

Marketing & Communications Officer – Martin

Martin is the Marketing and Communications Officer and a self confessed social media whore. He has been into leather for as long as he can remember, first having his head turned by TV bad boys, bikers and pop stars who all wore leather. His passion is leather and he has a genuine desire to normalise the wearing of Leather and wants to be part of a forward thinking and inclusive club that welcomes all leathermen no matter how they choose to wear it! Although he is rarely seen without leather jeans on his favourite thing is actually skin tight leather gloves.

We’re keen to partner with other organisations for marketing and promotions. Email Martin at