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Manchester Leathermen is a UK-based community in the North West of England who welcomes you, whatever kind of leatherman you are and wherever you are based. We hold events at least once a month and support our brother clubs far and wide across the world. You can support us (and get benefits) by subscribing to us in the members area.


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Events are regularly shared in our Facebook group, and we have a high presence on a number of social media channels. Tweet us at @manleathermen or come perve on our pictures found in Tumblr or Instagram. We also send out a regular newsletter using Mailchimp, so do subscribe for regular updates.





Show off your leathers with pride

Manchester Leathermen has a mission to create a great leather community here in Manchester, to rival that in any other big city. We know we have the great location of Manchester’s gay village, a large community of men into kink, and great local character. We can make Manchester leathery again!

Manchester leathermen has arisen through the support of a large number of people, many of whom we know we would not be here without their support and guidance.


Start wearing leather outside of the bedroom

We rely greatly on the support of our members, both old and new. To become a full member, all you need to do is head over to the shop, and you can buy your membership here and follow the instructions on the page, as we need a few details from new members. Renewing your membership will be available soon.

You can email Manchester Leathermen at:


Our Aims

We welcome all members who are interested in our community, no matter how much gear you own or how experienced you are. We believe leather looks great and deserves to be worn:

  1. Create a welcoming community for leathermen where friendship is encouraged.
  2. Develop new talented leathermen on our scene and get them out in leather.
  3. Get Manchester on the leather map, and get other men from the UK, Europe and worldwide to come visit us.
  4. Host great, successful events that people love and tell other leathermen about!
  5. Create a sense of pride for leathermen to wear leather in the community.

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