Welcome to Manchester Leathermen


Manchester Leathermen is a community organisation in the North West of England who welcomes you, whatever kind of leatherman you are and wherever you are based. We hold events at least once a month and support our brother clubs far and wide across the world. You can support us (and get benefits) by becoming a member.

Manchester Leathermen was founded in 2015 following the merger of Manchester Super Chain MSC (founded in 1982) and Manchester Leather Men (founded in 2012). The Club has a proud history of local, national and international activity, and is the only British leather club to have hosted the ECMC Conference (as MSCMSC).

Manchester Leathermen has grown quickly since 2015 to become one of the larger clubs in Europe. We hosted the first Manchester Leather Weekend in 2015, the highlight of our year and attracting leathermen from all over Europe and beyond, with almost 200 guests in 2017. 2016 also saw one of our members, Joe King, become Mr Leather Europe and we are proud of the work he has done for his community at home and further afield.

In 2017 we started the BDSM Workshops, a series of monthly workshops and seminars on all aspects of BDSM and leather fetish. With these workshops, led by our President Daddy T, Manchester Leathermen is paving the ground for the leathermen of the future by passing down knowledge that will preserve our culture for years to come. Manchester Leathermen remains a proud member of both FUKC and ECMC.

What we do

We welcome all members who are interested in our community, no matter how much gear you own or how experienced you are. We believe leather looks great and deserves to be worn as much as possible.

  • We will create a welcoming community for leathermen where friendship is encouraged.
  • We will develop new leathermen on our scene and get them out in leather.
  • We will get Manchester on the leather map, and get other men from the UK, Europe and worldwide to come visit us.
  • We will host great, successful events that people love and tell other leathermen about!
  • We will create a sense of pride for leathermen to wear leather in the community.

We hold a monthly workshop and social on the first Saturday of each month – see our Facebook page for more details or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

We also encourage our members to organise events with our support and members have organised dinners and even a high tea! So get out there, be proud in your gear, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.